We focus on high quality nutritional supplements with your optimal mood and well-being in mind. Our products are tested to ensure bio-availability and potency and are designed to meet your health and wellness needs.

Our formulations are based on the latest advances in nutritional science and incorporate trademarked ingredients of the highest quality.

Our serving sizes are based on doses used in clinical trials and other published data, and the ingredients used in our products have been tested for efficacy in clinical trials and laboratory studies.

All our supplements are hand-picked by Mia Lundin, nurse practitioner, supplements she has used with great success in her California practice for many years.


We can help you find your individual needs

We all know that eating healthy foods is important. What you eat affects your mood, your hormone production, brain function and of course your well-being and health as a whole. If your diet does not contain the right nutrients, your body will not function optimally – as it does not have the raw material to do so.

To optimize your health and well-being you might have to incorporate a nutritional supplement program to complement your diet. Knowing which supplements to choose can be very confusing, and why take more than you need?

We offer a solution to the confusion. To find out what you nutritional needs are, we offer blood tests and nutritional counseling.

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Controlling costs and finding high quality products that actually make a difference can be a difficult task. We understand this, and we price our products to be affordable without sacrificing quality.